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DQS is one of the leading Management System Certification, Assessment & Training organization globally. DQS India is the Indian subsidiary of DQS Holding GmbH. Major shareholders of DQS Holding include Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Inc., one of the world’s largest product safety certification body, German Institute for Standardization (DIN), a standard making body, and German Association for Quality (DGQ). DQS is one of the founding member of IQNet, the largest international network of certification bodies that have issued approximately one-third of all management systems certificates in the world.

With a passion for quality, we at DQS, strive for one common goal of partnering companies for business success and organizational health

160 Years of cumulative experience
35000 Clients
58000 Certified Locations
130 Countries
105000 Audit Days/Year
2500 Auditors & Assessors
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We are the preferred partner for Certification, Auditing, and Assessments; recognized for our competence in supporting business success and organizational health of our customers

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All members of the DQS Group strive towards one common goal: to contribute to the sustainable success of our clients.

International Network

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In today's highly connected global economy you expect a trusted partner who is able to work with you in every location in which you conduct business. The global DQS team brings local certification expertise to all major economic centres around the world.

DQS works with local auditors who speak the language and know the culture at each site, delivering value-adding and cost-effective services to companies they understand.

80 DQS offices worldwide provide trusted local expertise on industry best practices, regulatory requirements, and market knowledge. Being close to their customers, our international management team can focus on what excites our customers worldwide. Local customer service personnel provide trustworthy service close to home.

As the preferred certification and assessment partner of large international companies in the world, DQS has extensive experience and a very strong reputation when it comes to international project management.

IQNet – The International Certification Network

The second pillar of our international presence is IQNet. With over 35 partners, IQNet is the largest international network of certification bodies, having issued approximately one third of all management systems certificates in the world.

Via the IQNet cooperation, DQS Group customers can take advantage of over 40 international accreditations and additional services that are offered in cooperation with IQNet partners.

Michael Drechsel, Managing Director of DQS Holding GmbH, was the President of IQNet from June 2010 to June 2017.

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The value of DQS is in the degree of confidence and trust that customers and markets place in DQS. Customers of certified organizations and end users expect to rely on DQS. To promote this confidence, DQS takes into account the following principles in all of its activities:

DQS Auditors & Experts

DQS Auditors – expertise around the globe In more than 105 000 assessment days per year, our highly qualified auditors serve organizations of every kind. Whether our customers need an assessment and evaluation of a service or system, a certificate or a process evaluation, we have the resources. With our experienced auditors we provide expertise in almost every industry sector.

Our focus stays with the customer, as we deliver value-adding services to enhance our customers’ success. In addition to the sector knowledge and social competence, the customers respect the auditor´s analytical abilities and proven practical knowledge of standards and processes. Customers located worldwide also appreciate our cross-cultural competences.


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The customer is at the center of everything we work for.

For this reason our customers hold seats at the DQS Board of Shareholders. Four major German Industry associations hold shares of DQS Holding GmbH. This provides us with an inside view of the customers’ interests, as well as with experience and knowledge of their industries. The Board is complemented by major shareholders DIN (the German Institute of Standardization), DGQ (the German Association for Quality), and UL (the US product safety company Underwriters Laboratories). Decades of experience in standardization, training and product certification of these three major shareholders provide the knowledge base and know-how for DQS as your partner for management systems solutions. Today our shareholders are the guardians of DQS’ corporate values and its high quality approach. At the same time, direct input from the industry on market conditions, requirements and management challenges keeps us on the right track. This way, DQS is keeping its focus on its main stakeholders: the organizations we have been auditing and certifying successfully for the past 30+ years.

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Executive Management

Dr. K Murugan
Managing Director & CEO
Girish Silswal
Head - Delivery & Customer Service
Prasad Khanapur
Head – Finance & Accounts
Raghavendra HS
Head - Accreditation & Certifications
Ganesh Kumar V
Head - Sales & Marketing
Thriveni Shetty
Manager – Human Resources
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Accreditation & Membership

In everything we do, credibility is the key. That is why assessments and certificates by DQS enjoy the highest possible level of recognition across the globe.