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Anti-Bribery & Sustainable Development Goals

ISO 37001 – DQS CFS successfully completes Accreditation Audit - DQS CFS - Audits & Certification

Corruption undermines human development. It diverts public resources away from the provision of essential services. It increases inequality and hinders national and local economic development by distorting markets for goods and services. It corrodes rule of law and destroys public trust in governments and leaders.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) now make an explicit link between corruption and peaceful, just, and inclusive societies. India has been on 86 ranks out of 180 countries in corruption perceptions Index (CPI) performed by Transparency International in 2020.

The Benefits of Anti-Bribery Standard ISO 37001:2016 for Organisations | ISO Standards | DQS | South Africa

ISO 37001 standard is designed to help an organization implement and maintain a proactive anti-bribery system. DQS India has an accredited certification program with local delivery capability to assess and certify your system for ISO 37001-Anti bribery management system.


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