Compliance Audit

Compliance means adherence to rules, which is why a compliance audit always aims to identify to what degree an organization is committed to abide by certain guidelines. This often concerns adherence to voluntary codes of conduct; that is self-generated guidelines for conduct vis-á-vis customers or internet trading, for example. Other compliance audits verify adherence to legal requirements; that is legal compliance. This may concern areas such as the protection of resources, occupational health and safety, or quality.

Which Is Why DQS


No matter which type of compliance you want to have audited – in all cases assessments by an external, internationally recognized body receive a higher level of acceptance than internal findings. An audit by DQS provides you with the highest standing in the eyes of the public and lawmakers. Take advantage of our reputation as a first-class certification body to improve your own image!


More Advantages At a Glance


  • You will receive detailed knowledge about the legal and regulatory requirements that your organization has to fulfill.
  • You may identify weaknesses in your management system, and be able to reduce risk in a targeted manner.
  • You will determine exactly the degree to which your organization is in accordance with the stipulated requirements.
  • You provide evidence of adherence to legal and regulatory requirements by a competent institution.
  • You also provide credible evidence of adherence to your own corporate guidelines.
  • You demonstrate social responsibility and bolster your corporate values – in short: you improve your corporate image in a sustainable manner.

Benefits of Compliance Audit

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