A Water Audit is a systematic approach of identifying, measuring, monitoring and optimizing the Water Consumption for various activities in industry and providing gaps and suggestions to improvement plan to conserve water.

DQS India has experts who have decades of experience in Water Domain, & they come with a sound knowledge on Water Quality, Water Balancing & Water Conservation Techniques.

Why Water Audit?

Water Audits help industry to identify how water is used and optimize the consumption, in being various processes and ultimately reduce water consumption ad save money and environment.

  • Legal requirements by Government
  • Water stress regions and lack of water resources
  • Sustainability
  • Corporate Image
  • Environmental Protection
  • To save costs due to high water tariffs

Approach to Water Audit

  • Training and awareness of the employees/contract workers
  • Systematically conduct audit by using checklists
  • Collect the factual data on water
  • Identify the water consumption pattern
  • Calculate the water balance
  • Apply the reduce, recycle and reuse concept
  • Suggest the areas of improvement
  • Final report on GAPS and suggest optimisation of water use

Benefits of Water

Assessment Process

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