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A Guide to ISO 37001: Anti-Bribery

Published in 2016, ISO 37001 is Anti-Bribery Management Systems Standard. This standard refers to a series of measures which help organisations prevent, detect and address bribery. Globally, bribery has been cited as a top concern by many citizens and businesses, leading to increased poverty, job losses, eroding public trust and reducing the quality of life.

For modern organisations, bribery is a salient threat, which endangers the business dealings and reputation of the entire enterprise. This is where ISO 37001:2016 comes in. This standard was created as a means for companies to implement an anti-bribery management system, or to enhance the already existing controls within a business. ISO 37001 reduces the chances of bribes occurring and can demonstrate to stakeholders that the organisation in question has implemented internationally recognised good-practice anti-bribery controls.

ISO 37001: 2016 specifies the requirements for and provides guidance for establishing, maintaining, reviewing and improving an anti-bribery management system. This standard addresses the following:

Bribery in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors
Bribery by the organisation
bribery by the organisation’s personnel acting on the organisation’s behalf or for its benefit.
Bribery by the organisation’s business associates acting on the organisation’s behalf or for its benefit.
Bribery of the organisation.
Bribery of the organisation’s personnel in relation to the organisation’s activities.
Bribery of the organisation’s business associates in relation to the organisation’s activities.

ISO 37001 can be implemented by any organisation, of any size. It is suitable for any sector and all countries and can be adapted to suit the size and nature of the organisation, as well as the type of bribery risk. ISO 37001 measures may include adopting an anti-bribery policy, appointing an individual to oversee anti-bribery compliance, training, risk assessments, due diligence on projects and businesses associates, instituting reporting and investigating procedures and implementing financial and commercial controls.

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