The AS 9120 standard builds on AS 9100 with additional requirements specific to distributors who carry aircraft components such as fasteners, electronics, and gaskets.
To ensure customer satisfaction, aviation, space and defense organizations must produce and continually improve safe, reliable products that meet or exceed customer and regulatory requirements. The AS 9120 standard was developed for distributors and suppliers working with OEM customers, producing parts and materials in the aviation, space, and defense industries.

AS 9120 focuses on product safety, performance, and conformity to specifications. The standard also ensures that materials are handled properly through the chain of custody, traceability, and the availability of records.

When your organization aligns to the AS 9120 standard you will not only gain quality and efficiency benefits but also be better aligned to exceed customer expectations. AS 9120 can provide the competitive edge you need by:
• Enhancing supplier performance due to higher quality and less waste
• Efficient documentation
• Detecting opportunities for operational improvements and reduction of costs

Benefits of AS9120

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