GC Mark

Exclusive Series

Overview of GC Mark products under Exclusive Series

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Organization & Management

Every organization has its own network of stakeholders: employees, shareholders, suppliers, customers, the general…

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Product Certification and Inspection Labels: Quality and Sustainability

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The Service GC-Marks are targeted directly at consumers of everyday goods and services and…

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Overview of GC Mark products under Sustainability

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Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is more than just a buzzword. The term refers to the insight…

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IT Security & Service

The GC-Mark programme offers various assessment schemes for the security and reliability of IT…

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Hotels / Restaurants

In an age where customers have grown increasingly demanding, good is no longer good…

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Overview of GC Mark products under Education

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Transport & Logistics

The key to efficient logistics is a system that is resilient and secure enough to deal with…

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Public Facilities

Whether they are state-funded or in private hands, public facilities like hospitals, retirement homes,…

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