Hotels / Restaurants

Premium Restaurant

The GC-Mark© Premium Restaurant is a distinguished quality label in the…

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Premium Health & Wellness

Relaxation is the cure for many ills. And what better place…

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Premium Hygiene Food

Restaurants, bakeries, and fast food outlets can all benefit from a…

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Ultimate Luxury Hotel

The GC-Mark “Ultimate Luxury Hotel” singles out hotels that promise and…

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Certified Luxury Hotel

Luxury is the art of perfection. Many are called, but few…

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Family Friendly Hotel

Sharpen your brand profile & assure your guests that your hotel…

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Excellent Business Hotel

With a plethora of anonymous hotel reviews on the internet, reliable…

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Green Hotel

The future of the hotel business and the future of the…

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Halal Certified

Use the GC-Mark to market halal products and to convince potential…

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GC Mark Process

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