Verified Green IT

Green IT is the use of information technology that can be considered environmentally friendly across its entire life cycle, including production processes, usage and disposal of the hardware.

The GC-Mark “Green IT” is a label for products and services that meet the relevant environmental criteria. The certification process for products entails a life cycle assessment according to the methodology specified in ISO 14040 and ISO 14044. The life cycle assessment is a product-specific analysis of environmental impacts during production, usage and disposal of the product and all associated processes.

The certification process for service providers focuses primarily on energy savings. During an on-site audit, qualified auditors of DQS UL will evaluate your energy management system, based on the guidelines of ISO 50001. Certification according to ISO 50001, however, is not a prerequisite.

After a successful assessment, the GC-Mark label can be used for communication purpose during a period of one year.

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