Certified Knowledge Management

Organizations continuously gather and create knowledge. In order for an organization to take full advantage of this knowledge, an effective management system is a prerequisite.

Knowledge management means to identify, capture, evaluate, retrieve, and share all of an enterprise’s information assets. These assets may include databases, documents, policies, procedures, and the previously un-captured expertise and experience of individual workers, so that everyone can benefit from its use.

The major benefit of knowledge management is that information is easily shared between staff members, and that knowledge is not lost if someone goes on vacation, gets sick, or leaves the company. This may result in substantial savings to an organization’s bottom line. People are more easily brought up to speed, and valuable knowledge assets are not lost (meaning that you won’t lose time and money when people have to learn new information quickly).

Knowledge management may also increase innovation and help create better customer relationships. If the company has a global team, knowledge management may create a more powerful workforce when all of those different cultures are brought together to share these assets.

The GC-Mark for Certified Knowledge Management:

  • Confirms effectiveness of knowledge management system
  • Builds upon ISO 10015

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