Approved Natural Cosmetic

The market is full of cosmetics that claim to be natural. The GC-Mark verifies those claims, and identifies the real ones.

Ordinary commercial cosmetic products, including those that are manufactured by well-reputed brands, often contain harmful substances capable of causing long-term adverse effects on human skin.

However, more and more people around the world are growing aware of the dangers of using synthetic cosmetics. This has led to a steady rise in the demand for certified organic skin care and cosmetics.
Natural cosmetics are gradually replacing the carcinogenic products derived from a petroleum base.

Nevertheless, it is still common practice to label products as natural, even if only 70 percent of the ingredients used in them come from natural sources. With products bearing the “Natural Cosmetics” Mark, customers can be sure your product is 100 % natural.

The GC-Mark “Approved Natural Cosmetic”:

  • Provides verification by independent laboratories
  • Confirms that ingredients are natural
  • Can be printed directly on products

Benefits of Approved Natural Cosmetic

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