Verified Traceable Product

Product traceability is the process of maintaining records of all materials and parts, from purchasing to finished goods, where a unique number identifies a part, batch, or a finished product. Consumers gain mostly hidden benefits from traceability, such as an increased effectiveness of recall in emergencies, and a higher overall safety.

ISO 22005:2007 outlines the principles and specifies the basic requirements for the design and implementation of a feed and food traceability system. The GC-Mark confirms the successful implementation of ISO 22005, and can be printed directly on products to build consumer trust.

The GC-Mark “Traceable Product” Focuses Upon:

  • Identification of units/batches of all ingredients and products,
  • Information on when and where they are moved or transformed
  • The system linking these data

Because the seal confirms the transparency of the production process, it increases consumer trust.

Benefits of Verified Traceable Product

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