Verified Occupational Safety Management

A good workplace is a safe workplace. Safety measures do not only help to prevent incidents, they also stimulate the productivity of employees.

A safe and secure workplace has a positive impact on employers, employees, and their families. Your efforts to create a safe workplace will therefore reflect positively upon your reputation and corporate identity.

Safety at work does not necessarily have to be complicated. It does not have to be expensive. And it does not have to be imposed by the government. Established standards like OHSAS 18001 and BS 8800 help companies to implement an efficient occupational health and safety management system. With the GC-Mark, you can inform all stakeholders about the successful implementation of a safety management system.

Because the GC-Mark for workplace safety is based upon a third-party on-site assessment, the procedure will provide you with new insights and helps you to identify potential for improvement. Needless to say, it is therefore much more than a PR tool: the implementation of the GC-Mark standard leads to an immediate reduction of on-the-job accidents.

Benefits of Verified Occupational Safety Management

GC Mark Process

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