Printing & Packaging

ISO 12647-2 Standard

Print job allocation especially for export and multinational print media buyer depends more and more on commitments to quality standards. There is no way to circumference this Communication basis because it safeguards the investment of the print buyer in getting high standard printed products.

 ISO 12647-2  standard specifies sheet fed offset printing and describes the colorimetric coloring of the solid densities for five papers types in L*a*b*, the tolerances of colouring in ΔE, an amplitude modulated screening system, the dot gain in %, the tolerances and spread of the dot gain in % and the colorimetric values for proof paper in L*a*b*. 

Print production according ISO 12647-2 is not compulsory for print shops; it is an option that every printer can realize. There are many advantages if producing according these guidelines. Once certified the communication between print buyer becomes easier and it elevates the print shop into the international quality level.

Everyone who prints in offset should follow these regulations since it opens the eyes for improved processes, better quality, more consistency, higher productivity and thus profitability.