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Management Certification Requirements

1. General


DQS Inc. is the sole authority which issues DQS certificates.


A customer capable of demonstrating a legitimate business that complies with the DQS Inc.’s Management System Requirements is entitled to a certificate. The certificate is provided for display at the facility but remains the property of DQS Inc.


All customers assessed under DQS Inc.’s scope of accreditation will be given the opportunity to have the mark of one or more of those accrediting bodies appear with UL’s Registered Firm Mark or the DQS Mark on their certificate.


Certificates are renewed upon successful reassessment unless termination,suspension or withdrawal occurs. If a customer does not intend to renew its certification, it must notify DQS Inc. in writing of its intentions not less than 60 days prior to the renewal.


The customer agrees that it will comply with all applicable laws, statutes and regulations (e.g. state, region. providence, country, etc.)


If it is reported that the customer’s management system for goods or services under the scope of certification is not in conformance with applicable standards, the customer will cooperate with DQS Inc. in obtaining the facts, sharing information regarding the reported nonconformance, and taking and reporting to DQS Inc. any corrective action necessary.


The DQS Inc. assessments serve only as a verification of continued conformance of the management system with this document and the applicable Requirements. The customer is in no way relieved of its responsibility for its management system within the scope of certification on the Certificate issued by DQS Inc.

2. The Customer shall


at all times comply with DQS Inc.’s Management System Requirements for specific programs, as applicable;


implement, document and maintain a management system in accordance with the applicable MS standard(s) and make available the documented management system for certification purposes;


notify DQS Inc. in writing if it’s expected that a process or organizational change may have a significant impact on the management system. DQS Inc. will evaluate if additional assessment is necessary for verifying continued conformance. These changes including changes to the scope of certification shall comply with the appropriate requirements.


ensure that any purchased finished product, processes or services covered under the scope of certification are provided in conformance with the applicable MS standard(s). If any finished products, processes or services are produced or provided external to the customer’s management system, the external producer or provider may also be evaluated on-site by DQS during the certification process. In cases where products described in the scope of certification are not traceable to an accredited management system certification, the customer shall establish and operate a procedure for notifying the prospective customer that the items in question have not been produced or provided within DQS Inc.’s Certification;


nominate a management representative and deputy as appropriate who shall be responsible for all matters in connection with the certification.


not use any Report, Certificate or Plaque issued by DQS Inc. to indicate or suggest a product is certified by UL.


not release any information referencing DQS Inc.’s Management System Assessment Certification before it is issued by DQS Inc.


make available to DQS Inc. records of all complaints and corrective action taken,per the applicable MS standard(s) requirements.

3. DQS Inc. shall


after granting certification, DQS Inc. will issue a certificate and send an audit team to the customer at least annually to verify that the obligations imposed by the certificate are being carried out. The scope and extent of reassessment activity will depend on the continuous assessment cycle and the performance and activities of the customer. The maturity and continued effectiveness of the management system is monitored during Continuous Assessments and Triennial Reassessments.


notify the customer at its discretion of complaints relating to the conformance of the management system.


direct the audit team to exercise due care in complying with any safety regulations applicable to the customer’s facility in relation to the management system.

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