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Managed Training Solutions (MTS)

Trainings and career development are very vital in any company or organization that aims at progressing. In today’s age retention through skill development and acquisition is a major challenge for any organization. Investment in Trainings helps improve the skill sets, build confidence and increased affinity towards the organization by its employees. Career development through Trainings helps bring in a better decision making, creativity, innovation, product & service quality and better people management for the team.


To address the above need of any growing or large organization, DQS India has introduced a unique program – Managed Training Services.

DQS India’s most valued Offering – The Managed Training Solutions (MTS), a structured program ideal for every Organization as it aims at enhancing deliverables and impacting employee performance through a continued learning curve, and is a long-term training solution mutually beneficial for both the Organization and DQS.

The MTS model proposes at least a long-term association with the Organization to cohesively pre-define the Organizational Growth towards Peak Excellence Performance.

This long-term association allows DQS the scope to bring about transformation in the employees deliverables to meet the expected standards of the organization through Trainings, Evaluations and Discussions.


Benefits of MTS

  • Course Schedule – Tailored and customized exclusively to match the Organizational requirement
  • DQS India takes over pains of managing the competency requirements of the organisation and works closely with the team to create a pool of skilled resources for the organisation
  • Increased Evaluations and Reporting Process
  • Continuous Learning Curve and Cross trainings (if required)
  • On demand re-cap of Previous Trainings Review

Training Methodology

DQS carefully follows the Adult Learning’s trusted theories for any of its trainings, taking essence from all the major Instructional Systems Designing (ISD) for preparing Course Materials.

All DQS courses have

  • Instructor Led Training (ICT)
  • Regain of Knowledge from previous trainings
  • Role plays and live case studies
  • Group discussions

Training Need Identification (TNI)

In the case of MTS, DQS goes a step further and all the courses in addition to ISD are re-designed and Customized in accordance to the Organizational Training Need Identification (TNI) with major examples and case studies coming not just from Good Industrial Practices but also from the Organization itself




Planning and Design







MTS allows us to follow the Kirkpatrick’s 4 level method of evaluation as listed below

  • Reaction Through Feedback forms done after
  • Learning The learning of the training will be assessed by conducting series of tests and assessments during and after 1 month of training
  • Behaviour The actual application of Learning from the Training received over time is measured after 3 months through assessments & One on One feedbacks
  • Results Measures would typically be, change in business or organizational key performance indicators over a period of time resulting out of MTS. The change here will be measured against the particular performance of the previous year



Management Information Systems (MIS)

DQS India periodically (On agreed frequency) will provide information on the Progress and Learning curve of the individuals to the Organization.


All trainings under MTS shall be on the norms of ISO 17024 with three levels of Certificates

  • Level A: Awareness Training
  • Level B: Professional Training
  • Level C: Expert Training


The following Globally Recognized DQS India Registered Certificate with Co-branding of the Organization will be awarded to:


  • Completion: For participants scoring 70% and more in post training examination
  • Participation: For participants scoring below 70% in post training examination

DQS does not limit the Organization to choose from the given list of Trainings but allows the choice to request for any relevant trainings deemed towards development of its Individuals.

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