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Dear Friends,


Greetings from DQS India and pleasure connecting with readers of iSeeek again!

We are moving from summer to monsoon season and welcoming the initial rains. Along with rains, our hopes are reviving too. We were just recovering from RRexit and we were hit with Brexit. There have been challenges on many fronts including customer relationships to currency exchange rate fluctuations. Wish everyone to come out successfully during these challenges too.

Consequent to ISO 9001 revision from 2008 to 2015, sector specific standards take their turn to release the revised ones. News on transition of ISO/TS16949 is included in this newsletter. We expect AS 91xx set to release transition expectations soon.

We have had National auditors’ meet in May for 3 days. This is a regular and exciting event of all auditors getting together, calibrate ourselves with global and national expectations. Of course we also had some fun along with learning new things. We also resolved to bring some focus on how we can establish “value creation” through our delivery and we reached a good process to establish. We will be reaching out to customers on this shortly while our auditors are equipped with new ideas, new tools for delivery and new accreditation requirements etc. Our hopes on enhancing partnering approach with customers continue to increase multi-fold and our actions will follow in the coming months.

Share your feedback to me and my team. Happy reading!


Best Regards,

Dr. K. Murugan,


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