Together for Sustainability

The initiative “Together for Sustainability” (TfS) was launched in 2011 by six leading chemical companies. The aim of the initiative is to make the awareness and action of its suppliers transparent with regard to sustainability and to continuously improve it.


To record the sustainability performance of its suppliers, TfS carries out an online evaluation with the help of the rating agency EcoVadis and TfS audits according to a catalog of requirements specially developed for suppliers to the chemical industry. The DQS is one of only four certification companies that are authorized to carry out TfS audits. Our auditors are not only distinguished by their qualification for quality, environmental and occupational safety and social ethical standards, but also by industry-specific knowledge.

The TFS Initiative

The chemical companies BASF, Bayer, Evonik Industries, Henkel, LANXESS and Solvay are the founders of the TfS initiative. In principle, every chemical company can become a member of the TfS initiative .

To the Procedure

TfS member companies invite their suppliers to participate in an online self- assessment and / or a TfS audit .

Supplier Evaluation

The entry for suppliers can be carried out with an online self- assessment via the EcoVadisplatform . In addition to the registration, the questionnaire contains the essential information on sustainability issues as well as the provision of data and documents (eg sustainability reports, certificates). The final evaluation of all information and documents is carried out by experts from EcoVadis. With the consent of the supplier, the result will be made available to all TfS members online.

TfS Audit

The requirements of the TfS audit catalog include globally uniform assessment criteria relating to management and environmental aspects, health and safety, employee and human rights, and good corporate governance. The audit result brings an action plan for improvement (corrective action plan) with itself. The period of validity of the certification by the certifier is a maximum of three years. With the consent of the suppliers, the audit results will be made available to all TfS members.


  • DQS offers you many years of experience in the assessment and certification of management systems and a high level of knowledge of the chemical industry. Take advantage of the multiple qualifications of our auditors and receive valuable advice on quality, environmental and occupational safety as part of the TfS audit. The audit results can serve the further development of their sustainability performance within the company, for example through verified sustainability reports and corporate social responsibility standards.
  • As a supplier you receive information about the status of your sustainability activities and the positioning of your company. In addition, you only go through the TfS audit once , as you can not be asked to do so by different TfS members. The results of the online evaluation and the audit are recognized by all TfS members and refer exclusively to the sustainability performance

Assessment Process

Take the first step towards your journey of excellence by entering into a contract with us. Our executives will assess your requirements and propose a customized solution.

A deep dive onsite assessment would be conducted based on our defined assessment criteria by an industry expert. We can also tailor make the assessment criteria or use your existing framework to verify the conformance and implementation effectiveness.

A comprehensive & structured report would be shared identifying both strengths and opportunities for improvement. The report would share some of the industry best practices and give you a roadmap with actionable insights to take your system or process to the next level.

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